Q-switched Nd:YAG dual wavelength (1064/532nm) and Ruby (694nm)

The TattooStar Effect COMBO combines the Nd:YAG and the ruby Q-switched lasers in the same device. Three wavelengths give physicians the flexibility to adapt treatments precisely to the patient’s needs and to a wide range of pigment colors (dark colors, red and green). The ultra-short pulses of the Q-switched make it possible to burst the particles without any thermal side effects or scars. This increases patient comfort.

Reliable, fast and powerful

The TattooStar can be operated for a long duration, even in regions with higher temperatures and higher humidity, at a maximum speed of 2 Hz (ruby) or 10 Hz (Nd:YAG). This makes it one of the fastest and most reliable systems on the market. Its unmatched power output enhances your application spectrum, in addition to providing greater flexibility and efficiency.

Squared-shaped spot with automatic spot size detection

The special shape of the TattooStar spots is designed to guarantee the optimum coverage of the treatment area with greater efficiency. Unlike conventional circular spots, the square spot prevents “gaps” and overtreatment. Automatic spot detection allows different conditions on every part of the body to be treated in a fast, safe and efficient way.

Microlens array with homogeneous spot

An exclusive system with microlenses from Asclepion Laser Technologies replaces the traditional lens system. It creates a homogeneous spot (as opposed to a “hot spot”) by distributing the laser energy in a perfectly uniform way. This eliminates the need for overlap and prevents over-treatment. This results in less pain and lower bleeding levels. In short, the microlens array provides improved treatment and healing.

Touch screen and user-friendly interface

The TattooStar Effect COMBO features a 12” display with an easy-to-use, color touch screen. This tool has been thoroughly inspected and approved for use by doctors during treatments. Doctors can show videos of treatments to their patients, choose the indication, and have the corresponding parameters set automatically. During treatment, they can constantly refer to the display for procedure suggestions. Patients gain reassurance about the procedure and the results by watching the video and viewing the “before” and “after” pictures. As a unique feature, the display may be detached from the device and used as a tabletop digital support when meeting with patients. Doctors can also work with the new widely-used Windows® interface to create a patient database.
The TattoStar Effect COMBO can be upgraded with the following optional items:

MicroSpot FRx handpiece for ruby laser: the first Q-switched fractional handpiece on the market

Thanks to the fractional handpiece, numerous pigmented lesions (such as melasma) can be successfully treated with a significant reduction of side effects, pain (no anesthesia needed) and point bleeding. Crust formation is minimized, allowing large areas or the entire face to be treated.

Dye handpiece for Nd:YAG laser: maximum effectiveness even on lighter pigments

Thanks to a special dye, the green wavelength of the Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser (532 nm) can be transformed into yellow light. The special wavelength of 585 nm allows the treatment of the most difficult colors, such as blue, lilac and lighter colors.

Handpieces with different spot sizes

In addition to the standard handpiece with 2, 2.5, 4 and 5.5mm spot sizes, you can also choose the 7 mm handpiece. This offers you the flexibility to work on both larger and smaller areas with the maximum degree of precision.

Free running mode for Nd:YAG Laser

The unique free-running mode allows larger spots to be treated, resulting in faster treatment and skin rejuvenation as an additional application.